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    Monastery in the Home honors in a simple and personal way the 1500-year-old Benedictine tradition, and reflects the monastic impulse within most faith traditions. We believe that “the cloister way” is a call open to many. Read more >>

Monastery in your car

Our automobiles are like a “monasatic cell” in many respects.  Isolation, a place for contemplation, and if you’re driving alone you have no interruptions or distractions, aside from the road itself.  Driving can be a great place for prayer and meditation, and seeking peace within.

Yes, you keep your eyes on the road. Yet you are in this cubicle by yourself, where your heart can pray, do mantra, yell, scream, meditate, find your own space of peace.  Cars are a really wonderful contribution to the spirit of Monastery in the Home.

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